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Posted by on Jan 13, 2012 in Features, Interviews | 0 comments

Miss SW6: Amanda in London

Miss SW6 co-founder Amanda has just returned to California after spending the last few months in London. While the official reason was a “semester abroad” we know that football was a large part of her trip. I was chatting with Amanda online and had the opportunity to ask her some questions about her time in the UK and how it related to her dedication to Chelsea Football Club.

Danielle: Which matches did you attend while living in London last semester?

Amanda: While in London I attended every match except for Valencia away (which I’m now regretting).  It was still brilliant to go home and away for four months though.

Danielle: What was your most memorable match or “Chelsea experience” during this time?

Amanda: My most memorable match was definitely City at home.  It was my last match too which made it bittersweet but we won so I was pretty happy.  My most memorable “Chelsea experience” was meeting Frank Lampard at the Bridge.   I have no words to describe that feeling.

Danielle: Do you think it instilled a new sense of support for CFC in you, being in London for such a large chunk of the season?

Amanda: I definitely feel like being in London and going home and away revitalized my love of Chelsea and it gave me a greater appreciation (and slight jealousy) of the people that live in London that go home and away.

Danielle: Seeing as you have now been both an “abroad” supporter and a “local” supporter has that given you a different perspective on Chelsea?

Amanda:  There is a distinct difference but neither is bad.  I think abroad supporters crave a lot more information and really deeply love Chelsea but at the same time, you can’t beat a local Chelsea supporter who has had blue in their blood for generations.

“One of my favorite times was being able to sit up in Gate 17 and meet Steve the Steward.  He’s a top man and he gives a great hug.” -Amanda





Interviewed by Danielle

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